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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Colorado Springs

10. Bike Tours

MAP   SITE   (888) 593-3062

Get ready for adventure, travelers! Kicking off our Top 10 Colorado Springs tours is Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours: the extreme-ly fun way to see the city! Your incredible experience starts at the top of Pikes Peak and continues as you enjoy a 7000ft descent with spectacular views. With friendly guides, van support, complimentary breakfast and lunch, you will definitely be feeling the love. Tours run daily and are bookable online. 

9. Academy Riding Stables

MAP   SITE   (888) 700-0410

This is one move you won’t be saying “neigh” to. What better way to explore the Colorado wilderness without having to actually climb anything? Academy Riding Stables boasts a ride through nature without the effort—ride on a beautiful horse as you’re guided by real cowboys through Garden of the Gods. Enjoy nature as the settlers did, but with the option of actual bathrooms along the way. Rides bookable daily in 1 and 2 hour time slots. 

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8. CO Kite & Ski

MAP   SITE   (719) 633-6227

Are you ready for a challenge, travelers? If you came to Colorado to test your athletic ability at a higher elevation, riding a bike around the city will definitely test said abilities (you can’t imagine the hills, folks). Colorado Kite & Ski offers premium bike rentals (among other things, like kites, and skis…) so you can huff it up the hills of the Springs on two wheels. The best part of this Top 10 Colorado Springs rental shop? After you climb the hill, you get to speed down! Totally worth it. Open Wed – Mon 10 AM – 5 PM. 

7. Springs Cab

MAP   SITE  (719) 444-8686

You’re probably thinking, great—another boring old cab service. Wrong! Springs Cab strives to be the best at what they do—bustling people around a very spread out city. With reasonable rates, texting options, and around the clock availability, the Springs Cab service can get you where you need to go (except maybe up a mountain, you may have to tackle that on your own). Open 24 hours and bookable via call, text, or online booking. 

6. MT Metro


Aren’t buses the best? You don’t have to worry about the woes of driving and you can even do something else while you travel like read or jam out to that new Justin Timberlake song. While not the most exciting mode of transport, it’s often easier in the Springs to get to trailheads and other beautiful natural spots without the hassle of parking your car. Multiple day passes available, busses run 5:30 AM – 9:45 PM. 

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5. Adventures Out West

MAP   SITE   (719) 578-0935

Cowboy up, travelers! Get ready to hop in a super cool 4x4 jeep and zoom through the foothills. Adventures Out West offers Top 10 Colorado Springs jeep tours that come with your very own local cowboy to guide you through the countryside and teach you the rules of the West. Boasting tour options for you to choose from and family-friendly service, you won’t regret strappin’ on your boots and going for a ride. Tours run 2 hours and are bookable online. 

4. A Ride in Luxury

SITE   (719) 243-3365

If you’re looking for a little something to impress that special fellow traveler, this one’s for you. Classing it up on our Top Ten Colorado Springs rentals is A Ride in Luxury, your go-to trendsetter for all things classy in the Springs. From stretch limos to town cars to SUVs, A Ride in Luxury has you covered. Cruise through Garden of the Gods in style and let someone else drive you around the foothills. Reservations bookable online. 

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3. Hiking

Seriously, who doesn’t want to walk uphill for fun? Colorado Springs rests in some of the most beautiful foothills in the country, and there is no better way to experience their beauty than from within. The hills are loaded with stellar hiking trails of all different difficulties. For an easier trail, try Seven Bridges in North Cheyenne Canyon or venture up to St. Mary’s Falls if you’re feeling adventurous. Most Top 10 Colorado Springs trailheads offer parking, so put on some hiking shoes and go for it! Adventure is out there…

2. High but Dry Balloons

SITE   (719) 651-1851

This incredible Top Ten Colorado Springs experience is sure to leave you breathless (but in a good way, darn hiking). Soar above the foothills in a brightly colored hot air balloon and see the sights from a new perspective. The “Champagne Flight” takes off in the AM and boasts unbeatable views of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. They also offer jumps for skydivers, hang glider towing, and in-flight weddings! Wow! Come check it out, we promise they won’t leave you high and dry. Flights bookable online. 

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1. Terror-Dactyl

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All aboard, travelers! Earning the number one spot for our Top 10 Colorado Springs experiences is none other than the TERROR-DACTYL, the most dizzying, hair-raising, eye popping ride you’ll have in Colorado. Laughing AND praying for your life at the same time? YEP! Fall away from the edge of a 200 foot cliff as you’re launched at 100 MPH one hundred and fifty feet into the canyon below. You might want to wait until your lunch settles before you attempt to master the TERROR-DACTYL!

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